Absolute Adventures - Shark

Absolute Adventures - Shark

San Francisco, California

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Shark Diver turns everyday adventure seekers into underwater explorers. Join us this year on board any of our hand selected shark diving vessels to meet huge Great White Sharks (Carcharodon Carcharias) in the industry's largest shark cages. Travelers in 2010 are seeking adventures that deliver the extraordinary. Our all inclusive pricing, record for safety, and special dollar value make these shark encounters "Once in a lifetime adventures!"

In a recent survey more divers joined operations that gave back to the environment. That's Shark Diver. We are industry leaders in shark site preservation efforts, site research support, and positive media efforts. Your vacation choices do make a difference!

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Air filling = Yes
Equipment rental = Yes
Nitrox rental = Yes
Rebreather rental = No
Computer rental = Yes
Camera rental = Yes
Video rental = Yes
Children diving = No

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    Shark Divers

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