The Pleasure Germans get from Diving and Poker

The Pleasure Germans get from Diving and Poker

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The sea, the river, and the one-of-a-kind exhilarating ride

Germans are well known for their burning passion when comes to sports. Their accomplishments in various land based sports like football, basketball, and even poker; stems from their creativity and adaptability. But not many know that Germans also pride themselves in underwater activities.

Skin diving in different parts of Germany offers a one-of-a-kind experience to underwater thrill seekers and modern day adventurers around the world. The southern part of the Baltic Sea captivates divers to feel the electrifying cold water that pierces through a human’s body and discover new and exciting adventures beneath the depths of the sea. The carefree feeling of being below sea level and the expectation of engaging with various magical underwater species are enough to create a lasting memory of deep sea explorations. With regards to the overall safety of divers and the conservation of nature, the Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher, or the Association of German Scuba Divers, puts a major emphasis on the two principal diving concerns. They were one of the first sports associations to come up with specific guidelines for environment-friendly diving. They make it a point that these guidelines are observed by every diver, to ensure the conservation of plants, animals, geological foundations, and underwater archaeological wonders. As far as safety is concerned, the abundance of diving schools and certified instructors puts Germany at the top of the heap in terms of teaching important information through their carefully planned training courses. However, their constant craving for underwater activities doesn’t stop under the seas.

More than two years ago, 16 German scuba divers from Raubling took to the deep waters and attempted a record-breaking dip. After playing the trick taking card game schafkopf – or sheepshead – for 125 hours and 27 minutes, these divers captured the Guinness world record for the longest card playing marathon. The 16 divers worked in alternating shifts for more than five days under Geiselhoering water to set this unique record. In more ways than one, this endeavour became a testament at how the German’s creativity and passion landed them a spot at global distinction.

Germany – just like the majority of European countries – has had a long history with card games. Back in the second half of the 20th century, the Germans were generally competing in seven card stud; it was a game brought to their land by the Americans. But as the decades progressed, and the universal scope of poker expanded to the farthest corners of the globe with extensive media coverage, Germans slowly embraced a different poker variety. By the time Texas Hold’em poker reached the shores of Germany, its general populace took some time before acknowledging the true value of the game; as they were quite conservative by nature. Today, the meteoric rise in popularity of poker in Germany is the result of the success of its flag bearers namely PartyPoker DE pro Marvin Rettenmaier, EPT Monte Carlo winner Tobias Reinkemeier, and EPT German Open titlist Sandra Naujoks. Germans players have this indescribable ability of adapting the world’s style of play while successfully incorporating their own brand of poker.

The kind of excitement that Germans get from diving and poker comes from their out-of-this-world way of thinking. They seem to have that magic touch when it comes to cards and imaginative ventures, but more importantly, they know how to live their lives to the fullest.

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